Hey guys (haha, look at me pretending to myself that someone will read this). I’m Reece, 22, Melbourne; Australia; and I’m here to talk movies, television, and music!

First things first, I’ll explain what the bulk of my posts will be about.

A ‘Tick of Approval Movie Review” is my way to talk about a movie in my own way that allows me to get the objective information in the way of cold-hard-facts, as well as the subjective info straight from the heart.

So I guess I should put a bit of time to explain what the hell this page is and how I’m gonna go about talking movies?

I wanted to find a way to ‘review’ (for lack of a better word) a movie in my own voice, but also relate my thoughts to a more objective opinion; if that makes sense.

So; this is the format I came up with….

A Tick of Approval Movie Review is made up of 5 different components:

  1. Story – How riveting was the story? Did the narrative make sense? Was it a total load of nonsensical crap?
  2. Characters – Acting performances. Well written characters? Logical or at least intriguing character arcs?
  3. Production – (The category I will struggle most to assess!) Cinematography, CGI, score/soundtracks. All the technical behind the scenes stuff that often doesn’t get the credit
  4. Genre – Did the movie do its job? E.g. Did a comedy make you laugh? Did a horror scare the shit out of you? Did a romantic drama tug at the heartstrings? Etc.
  5. Enjoyment – A subjective paragraph to rant on about how much I personally enjoyed or did not enjoy the movie

All of these categories receive a score out of 10 for a total score of 50; which is converted into a percentage through a painstaking and grueling process of multiplication by two. The movie ends up with this score as it’s overall ‘approval rating’, with a movie scoring 60% or greater receiving a: ‘Tick of Approval’.

I decided on 60% partially due to the Rotten Tomatoes scoring method, but primarily because I honestly tend to be pretty generous with my scoring. So this way it makes it ever so slightly harder for me to just overrate everything!

I should also mention that from time to time I will putting out a review of a particular album, or television show or season, just to fill the void when there are handful of crappy movies slated for release!

Anyway, if there are any queries, requests, or anything else whatsoever; either hit me up here or on Twitter!!